Our distinct areas of study, high reputation and renowned experiences make us the most specialized intellectual property law firm in Costa Rica. Our practice has served a broad range of clients, from pharmaceutical and fashion industries to universities, local SMEs, new ventures and governmental agencies. We take a proactive, solution-oriented approach to ensure our clients are provided with the resources necessary to meet and exceed their legal goals. Our firm also handles neighboring areas of legal practice, including Internet and domain name issues, media and advertising law, packaging, labelling, manufacturing and distribution agreements, franchising, trade secrets protection and data protection.



Patents_Morera & Chahín

As one of the top patent filers in Costa Rica, we have vast experience in the preparation, drafting, filing and monitoring of patent applications in Costa Rica and Central America. Our patent practice includes counseling in infringement analysis, validity, and freedom-to-market opinions.


Trademarks are used to protect the brand or symbol that identifies a product. Our trademark attorneys are experts in trademark searches, clearance, filing, and prosecution. We also handle maintenance of trademark rights and distinctive signs. Additionally, our firm was retained to help develop the first Costa Rican geographical indications and trademark manuals, and has since been retained by governmental agencies and international organizations for similar matters.


Plant variety protection aims to give the owner of a plant variety exclusive rights to produce and market that variety. Since the approval and implementation of the UPOV Convention in 2008, we have been one of the top PVP filers and prosecutors in Costa Rica before the OFINASE due to our in-depth knowledge, especially regarding ornamental and fruit varieties.


Copyright protects original works of authorship, such as literature, music, art, choreography, textiles, motion pictures, sound recordings and more. We help our clients obtain protection of their artistic innovations, and have experience with the preparation of assignments, licenses, and reproduction and editing agreements. Our firm also has experience with managing and consulting for the development of advertising and sponsorship contracts.

Unfair Competition

We represent and defend our clients in all types of administrative and judicial unfair competition actions. These may include anticompetitive, horizontal, unilateral and vertical conducts with potential anticompetitive effects as provided in Law No. 7472.

IP Protection and Enforcement

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We advise on proactive strategies for brand protection and the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Our attorneys have a strong background in complex brand protection and litigation matters. We will skillfully guide our clients through challenging situations, such as oppositions, cancellations, nullities, infringement actions, preliminary measures and more.

See our anti-counterfeiting page for more information.

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