We are well-known in our jurisdiction for being professional, experienced litigators who aggressively advocate for our clients’ best interests. Our attorneys have experience before nearly every judicial authority in Costa Rica, as well as various judicial authorities internationally, which gives them the familiarity and insight necessary to select the best institution for your case. Morera & Chahín is also recognized for its leading-edge solutions in various legal areas. Given our history of providing clients, both in Costa Rica and internationally, with high-quality work, we believe that we have the specialized legal skills required to provide efficient and cost-effective services.

Economic Crimes & Frauds

Economic-Crimes_ Morera&Chahín

Morera & Chahín consistently handles complex fraud and financial crime cases. Our attorneys have vast knowledge and backgrounds in this area, which often overlaps with anti-counterfeiting, and are committed to fighting for a positive outcome for your case.

Environmental Crimes

Enviromental-Crimes_ Morera&Chahín

Environmental crimes are those that breach environmental legislation, or directly harm both human health and the environment. Our team is well-versed in environmental law, as we have both national and international experience with litigation and arbitration in this area.

Civil proceedings


Our team has years of experience handling rights of civil and commercial nature. We have presented cases before the highest courts in Costa Rica, as well as successfully managed arbitrations, mediations, and more. We are committed to keeping our clients informed during all proceedings.

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