We are currently the leading and longest-running anti-counterfeiting specialists in Costa Rica. Our high reputation and large track record of cases with favorable outcomes makes us the perfect choice for clients seeking help with legal matters related to anti-counterfeiting. We have provided proper legal counsel and litigation to a broad range of clients, from the fashion industry to the technology industry. Morera & Chahín assists with the enforcement of intellectual property rights in a variety of ways, including infringement warnings, litigation in both civil and criminal fields, and private investigations. We also assist clients in liaising or directly dealing with government agencies to conduct investigations, and aid in public prosecutions and administrative actions against infringers.

Research and Market Surveys

Research and market surveys_Morera&Chahín

Various times a year, our team investigates the Costa Rican market to help prevent, identify, and stop the circulation of counterfeited merchandise. Our research covers both physical retail and wholesale locations as well as social media sites. These revisions help us better serve and protect our clients’ interests.

Customs Actions

Customs Actions_Morera & Chahín

Costa Rican customs procedures can be complex, and it is important to prevent goods that infringe on your intellectual property rights from entering a country. Morera & Chahín is equipped to handle legal issues relating to the importation and exportation of your innovative products.

Local raids

Local Raids_Morera & Chahín

Morera & Chahín has experience with conducting raids on distributors of counterfeit products to confiscate property infringing on registered trademarks. We are prepared to help you ensure that your brand is well protected.

Criminal & Civil Proceedings

Criminal-and-Cvil-Proceedings_ Morera & Chahín

Morera & Chahín is equipped to help our clients both in and out of the courtroom. We have extensive experience with rights of civil and commercial nature, as well as criminal proceedings. Our attorneys have presented cases before the highest courts in Costa Rica, in addition to successfully managing arbitrations, mediations, and more.


Training_Morera & Chahín

Our team provides trainings and gives seminars all over Costa Rica in public and private sectors. These trainings and seminars allow us to both share our leading techniques, as well as stay connected with the Costa Rican legal community.

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