adminApril 29, 2022

Officials approved  an amendment to Customs law on Tuesday, April 26 in the afternoon. The amendment approved would  allow the General Directorate of Customs to close businesses that maintain  inventories of merchandise for sale, distribution, or marketing for  15 calendar days,  prior to sanctioning procedures  and without having supporting customs documents.

The fine for these companies  would  be equivalent to the customs value of the merchandise, as long as the act does not constitute a criminal  smuggling offense.

This initiative is part of the agenda agreed upon with the International  Monetary Fund (IMF). The Minister  of  Finance  explained  the  proposal  complies  with the  standards  recognized   by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World  Customs Organization (WCO).

Among  the tools that would  be given to the Customs Administration  in conjunction with  this amendment is the  use of state-of-the-art technology devices to  control the entry and  exit of merchandise from the country.

Additionally, the amendment eliminates the submission requirement of a customs declaration or exit document of exported goods.

The new initiative also allows for the possibility of self-correcting the Single Customs Declaration (DUA),  and consolidates the authorized economic  operator figure.

The file voted on in the first debate implements the exchange of customs information between users  and the Administration,  so that the  procedures  can be carried  out electronically, through the use of digital signatures or similar technologies.

Finally, the new law allows temporary imports of merchandise with lease contracts and purchase options, and includes  measures to  help the importing sector make simple and accumulated declarations.